Okinawan and American Friendship

Ōshiro Tatsuhiro is shown here with Frank Stewart, head of Mānoa Journal and a professor of English at UH-Mānoa, on the evening of the performance of The Cocktail Party at the Hawai‘i Okinawa Center. Behind the two men is a wall with the names of donors to the Center, which was built to honor the memory of Okinawan immigrants and to provide a gathering place for Okinawans today. Stewart worked with coeditor Katsunori Yamazato on translating The Cocktail Party from Japanese to English for publication in Living Spirit and then adapted the translation for the stage.

The play was a presentation of Mānoa Readers / Theatre Ensemble, which stages events for university, community, and statewide audiences. MR / TE is a collaborative, cross-disciplinary initiative of the UHM Outreach College, Community Services Division, and the UHM College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature. Stewart codirects MR / TE with Tim Slaughter, director of the Community Services Division for Outreach College. Slaughter has studied and worked in the performing arts for over twenty years and was director of this world premiere of The Cocktail Party.

The program guide created for the performances contains a statement by Mr. Ōshiro on why he wrote the play.


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