2012 Journey to Okinawa

Frank Stewart was invited to Okinawa by Katsunori Yamazato to deliver a paper on Mr. Ōshiro’s play The Cocktail Party. The paper was part of the lecture series “Human Migration and Literature,” organized by Professor Yamazato. The series began in December 2011 and will continue until March of this year; below is a flyer promoting the lectures.A group photo from Frank’s trip shows him with (from left to right) Professor Yamazato, Ben Takara, and Eiki Matayoshi. This portrait was taken at the 2012 Okinawa Times Literary Awards, the ceremony at which the newspaper presented its awards for new Okinawan literature. The judges for this year included Professor Yamazato and Mr. Matayoshi.

Mr. Takara’s poems “Cape Kyan” and “An Ancient Banyan,” along with Mr. Matayoshi’s short story, “The Wild Boar That George Gunned Down,” were published in LIVING SPIRIT, edited by Frank and Professor Yamazato in summer 2011.


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